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Terms and conditions

Dear clients,

In connection with the changes in the European legislation, according to the GDPR we have updated the conditions for use of all services provided by us, adding complete information about personal data for each type of service.  

The current conditions come into force on May 25, 2018 for all clients of ONE HOUR EOOD.

In case of disagreement with some of the additions and amendments, it is necessary to send us a written refusal in response to an email 

As a controller of personal data, whose main activity is the provision of transport services, ONE HOUR EOOD. meets all the requirements of the new regulation, collecting only personal data to the extent necessary for the provision of the service, and keeps them responsibly and legally. . 

Information about the controller of personal data: ONE HOUR EOOD

Address for correspondence: Plovdiv 4000 str. Dobrich № 25

Phone: +359 884466344

e-mail address: 


ONE HOUR Ltd. processes the following categories of personal data and information for the following purposes and on the following grounds:

Categories of personal data :

Your personal data: name and surname, e-mail, address of residence , country , telephone. 

Purpose for which the data are collected:

1) User registration;

2) Making contact with the user and sending information to him, including if desired - to send newsletters and advertising messages;

3) Transmission and processing of shipments and courier services through its counterparty. (the so-called third party - recipient (processor) of personal data) as well as video surveillance for the safety and proper storage of shipments. In the latter case, the processing of the personal data thus collected takes place through the least possible interference in the personal sphere of the data subject. ONE HOUR EOOD. undertakes not to use the personal data collected in this way for purposes that are incompatible with the above.

Term of storage of your personal data: 

ONE HOUR EOOD. stores your personal data for a period not longer than the existence of your account on the website. After the expiration of this period, ONE HOUR EOOD. takes the necessary care to delete and destroy all your data without undue delay.

ONE HOUR EOOD notifies you in case the data storage period needs to be extended in order to fulfill the objectives, fulfill the contract, in view of the legitimate interests of ONE HOUR EOOD or on other grounds.

ONE HOUR EOOD. stores the personal data that it is necessary to keep under applicable law for the relevant period, which may exceed the period of existence of your registration.

ONE HOUR EOOD. informs you that as a data subject, you have the right to:

  • To request that we as administrator access to your personal data. Upon your request for access to your personal data, we will provide you with a copy of all data that is currently being processed by us.
  • you have the right to ask us - as an administrator - to correct inaccurate personal data related to you without undue delay;
  • to ask us as an administrator to delete your personal data, and you can withdraw your consent to their processing in case it was necessary and given, and you can withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data when we as an administrator we have no legal grounds to continue processing, including when you believe that your personal data has been processed illegally by us, and to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data;
  • object to the processing of your personal data;
  • right to portability of your personal data - ie. the right to require us to transfer part or all of the personal data we process to another controller, if your personal data is processed with the express consent or on the basis of a contractual obligation to process and if at the same time the processing is performed automatically;
  • to withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data, in case such has been given and this is the only reason on the basis of which ONE HOUR EOOD processes your personal data;
  • be aware that we (NOT) perform automated decision-making, including profiling in relation to your personal data that we process; 
  • to file a complaint to the supervisory body - Commission for Personal Data Protection / CPDP /, in case of a violation of your rights by us as an administrator;

I. Subject and main provisions

  1. These GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern how we provide you with our:

- transport services
- assisted shopping
services - assisted return services

Performed by: ONE HOUR EOOD, with UIC 201201823

with registered office and address of management: Plovdiv 4000 str. Dobrich № 25, called for short the CONTRACTOR. The user of the services can be any natural person, sole trader or legal entity, called for short the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY and representing the second party in these GENERAL TERMS. By agreeing to these GENERAL TERMS, the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY confirms that he / she:

- is an adult
- has the right to legally enter into a contractual relationship.

  1. To use the services provided by the CONTRACTOR, registration is required on his website - The registration is free and gives the right to access the full functionality of the site (electronic orders for transport and assisted shopping on behalf of the ASSIGNOR, tracking of shipments, etc.).
  2. Upon registration, the ASSIGNOR shall provide at least the following information to the CONTRACTOR

- your name and surname
- correspondence address (also used for delivery)
- contact telephone (preferably mobile)
- current e-mail

The CONTRACTOR is registered as a Personal Data Administrator in the CPDP - 10.08.2011 and may collect other personal data from the ASSIGNOR in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy.    

  1. By confirming the registration on the site, the ASSIGNOR declares that:

- has read
- has understood
- accepts

the general TERMS and CONDITIONS of

II. Transport service

  1. The CONTRACTOR provides services for the transportation of shipments (items from online stores, postal items, parcels, etc.) from Germany to Bulgaria. The maximum size and weight of standard shipments is 100x80x40 cm and 50 kg . If one of these parameters is above the norm, prior agreement with the CONTRACTOR is required (preferably by e-mail). 
  2. The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY orders and pays for the items it wishes, in its own name and at its own expense, indicating for delivery address the address of the CONTRACTOR's office in Germany. The exact address, as well as other details are provided to the ASSIGNOR after registration on the website
  3. The assignment of the transport of the items is done by filling in an electronic application form for transport, available on the website of the CONTRACTOR. When filling in the application, the number of shipments expected by the ASSIGNOR shall be indicated. Optionally, the price of each shipment can be entered.
  4. A transport order can also be generated automatically upon acceptance of the shipment at the CONTRACTOR's address in Germany, if the names of the ASSIGNOR are registered on the website In this case, the ASSIGNOR accepts the possible risk that his rod will be created in the account of another client of the CONTRACTOR and the shipment will be handed over to another person.
  5. Upon receipt of the shipment ( s) at the address of the CONTRACTOR in Germany, the ASSIGNOR receives a message in his e-mail and in his account on the website, and additional notification is possible in another way. The message contains a tracking number, the actual weight of the shipment and the amounts due for the finalization of the transaction, calculated according to the price list on the website of the CONTRACTOR -
  6. Upon arrival of the shipment ( s) at the office of the CONTRACTOR in Sofia, the ASSIGNOR is notified of this by e-mail and in his account at, and additional notification is possible in another way. The message contains an invitation to receive the shipment ( s) and pay for the service. In case more than one consignment has arrived, the message may contain consolidated information on the total number and weight of the incoming consignments, as well as the price for their transport. The price is calculated by summing the prices for transport of each individual shipment according to the price list of the CONTRACTOR - 
  7. The usual delivery time from Germany to Bulgaria is from 10 to 25 calendar days from the date of receipt of the shipment at the office of the CONTRACTOR in Germany. In case of possible extension of this term, the CONTRACTOR is obliged to notify the ASSIGNOR at least by e-mail.

III. Assisted shopping

  1. Assisted shopping is the purchase of goods and their transport to the address of the CONTRACTOR in Germany. The service is a supplement to the Transport service and includes all conditions for the transportation of goods from Germany to Bulgaria, mentioned in points 5 to 11 of these GENERAL TERMS. It is an additional service to the transport and is described in the following points - from 13 to 23.
  2. The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY can use the assisted shopping service for purchases from all online stores offering delivery to Germany, as well as from the actual stores listed on the CONTRACTOR's website: For shopping from other real shops or for taking shipments from an address in Germany, the conditions are additionally agreed with the CONTRACTOR.
  3. The service includes ordering and delivery of items by the CONTRACTOR, who makes the purchase on behalf and at the expense of the ASSIGNOR.
  4. The service may include only payment for orders organized by the ASSIGNOR, for which the payment is difficult to organize from Bulgaria and with Bulgarian means of payment. This applies most often when the CONTRACTOR has to pay for the order by bank transfer in Germany (Kauf auf Rechnung) or in cash to the courier delivering the goods to the address in Germany (cash on delivery / Nachnahme).
  5. The assignment of the shopping / payment on behalf of the ASSIGNOR and the transport of the ordered goods is done by filling in an electronic form for assisted shopping, available on the website of the CONTRACTOR. When filling in the order, the desired items, desired store or site for their purchase, price and number of items, as well as a hyperlink to the site or catalog of the TRADER (definition of TRADER - a natural or legal person with whom the CONTRACTOR must enter into a transaction from name and on behalf of the ASSIGNOR)
  6. Within the next working day after submitting the order form and transport, the ASSIGNOR receives by e-mail a message about the amount due and information for electronic payment and / or account number of the CONTRACTOR, to which the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY must pay in advance all due amount for payment of the items desired by him and the value for their delivery to the office of the CONTRACTOR in Germany, if the latter incurs costs in accordance with the terms of the TRADER.
  7. The method of payment must include the possibility of payment by bank transfer. If technically possible, other variants of the ASSIGNOR will be provided - for his convenience.
  8. In case the due amount is not transferred within three working days, the order is canceled, the ASSIGNOR is considered "unfair" by the CONTRACTOR and in the future he may be denied access to the services provided by the CONTRACTOR.
  9. Within three working days after receipt of the amount under item 17 to the account of the CONTRACTOR, he undertakes to execute on behalf and at the expense of the ASSIGNOR the order under item 16.
  10. The CONTRACTOR shall promptly notify the ASSIGNOR in case that due to a reason beyond his control any of the items requested by the ASSIGNOR has not been included in the final order.
  11. In the cases under item 20, the CONTRACTOR is obliged to refund to the ASSIGNOR the amount overpaid by him within three working days after the finalization of the transaction. The refund is made by bank transfer or in another way, provided by the CONTRACTOR and agreed with the ASSIGNOR.
  12. Upon arrival of the ordered goods at the CONTRACTOR's office in Germany, the provisions defined in points 9, 10 and 11 of these GENERAL CONDITIONS apply.

IV. Security of shipments

  1. The CONTRACTOR is responsible to the ASSIGNOR for the shipments. Liability is limited to direct damages per kilogram as defined in this section. Liability does not cover damages, damages or lost profits caused by delay. For considered as justified complaints the amount of compensation for damaged, destroyed or lost shipment is BGN 15 per kilogram, but not more than BGN 100 per shipment, upon provision of appropriate evidence certifying the value of the shipment.  
  2. The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY may increase the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR to the actual amount of the shipment. In this way the CONTRACTOR covers the real value of the shipment in case of damage or loss. Liability does not cover damages, damages or lost profits caused by delay. The increase of the liability is charged according to the tariffs indicated in the price list of the CONTRACTOR 
    1. The increase of the CONTRACTOR's liability covers the risks: damage during transportation or loading and unloading, wetting, burglary, breakage or loss of the shipment.
    2. Mobile devices and laptops are insured at a declared value only in cases where the customer has a list of mobile phone identification numbers (IMEI) or factory numbers of laptops or if the relevant information can be found by the CONTRACTOR when opening the shipment in Germany.
    3. In case of increasing the responsibility, the CONTRACTOR must open the shipment in Germany and check its integrity at the moment.
    4. In the event of an event under item 25a., The ASSIGNOR is obliged to prove the value of the damaged and / or lost property by submitting invoices, customs declarations, contracts for purchase and sale of personal property depending on the commercial transaction, and for mobile phones and computers - in addition the data required in point 25b. In case the same is not done, the CONTRACTOR will refuse to pay compensation and the case will be considered according to item 24, without refunding to the ASSIGNOR the amounts paid to increase the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR.
    5. In case of proving incorrect data in the documents provided by the ASSIGNOR, the CONTRACTOR has the right to refuse the compensation.
  1. For partially damaged consignments, the CONTRACTOR shall reimburse either the value of the damaged part or the costs of repairs or the entire consignment (according to points 24 and 25) upon presentation of an invoice.

V. Receipt of shipments

  1. After sending an invitation to receive the shipment (according to point 10), the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY can take advantage of the following options for receipt:
    1. Receiving the shipments and paying for the services at the address and according to the working hours of the company, described in the "Contact" section of the website -
    2. Delivery of the shipment by courier to the address required by the ASSIGNOR. When sending by courier, insurance is made up to the real value of the shipment only if this is explicitly required by the ASSIGNOR.

- Request for this type of delivery is made through the account of the ASSIGNOR on the website of the CONTRACTOR.
- The courier service is at the expense of the ASSIGNOR and is paid by him according to the conditions of the courier service. The service can be paid directly to Speedy AD or to the CONTRACTOR
- In general, before sending the shipment to the courier service it is necessary to transfer the amount due to finalize the transaction (transport, commissions, etc.) to the CONTRACTOR.
- For a small increase in the price of the courier service, the entire amount of finalizing the transaction can be paid upon receipt of the shipment at the address of the ASSIGNOR (cash on delivery)

  1. Upon receipt of the shipment, the ASSIGNOR signs in the field of the bill of lading provided for this, which confirms the receipt. In the cases referred to in point 27b, the bill of lading issued by the courier service at the time of receipt of the consignment shall be considered as finalization of the transaction and confirmation of receipt. From this moment the responsibility for the transport is transferred to the courier service, it is considered that the CONTRACTOR has fulfilled his obligations under the assigned service.
  2. At the time of receipt of the shipment, the ASSIGNOR must open it and check for any defects that occurred during transport from the office of the CONTRACTOR in Germany to the one in Sofia. In case of established damages, a statement of findings shall be filled in, on the basis of which the ASSIGNOR has the right to submit a complaint to the CONTRACTOR for compensation of damages within seven days. In such a case, the CONTRACTOR shall notify in writing (by e-mail and in the profile of the ASSIGNOR at the ASSIGNOR of his opinion and, if necessary, the rules described in section III shall be observed. Security of shipments.
  3. In case the ASSIGNOR:

- refuses to accept the shipment
- refuses to pay for the delivery of the shipment
- cannot be found during the normal efforts of the CONTRACTOR
- does not look for the shipment more than 30 days from the date of notification of its arrival in Bulgaria

The CONTRACTOR may release, destroy or sell the consignment at his own expense without incurring any additional obligations to the original sender, the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY or other persons, using the proceeds to cover the value of the services and related administrative costs, and the remainder of the amount, if any, is not refundable.

VI. Prohibited for transportation of objects and substances

  1. THE CONTRACTOR, according to the requirements of art. 90 of the Postal Services Act prohibits the placement in domestic and international postal items of the following items and substances:
    1. cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, alcohol and other excise goods
    2. narcotic, narcotic, psychotropic and poisonous substances
    3. weapons, explosives, incendiary or other dangerous substances and objects;
    4. articles and substances which, due to their nature or packaging, pose a danger to the life and health of the CONTRACTOR's employees or other persons or may contaminate or damage other consignments and equipment
    5. religious materials of sects and organizations banned or not registered in the country
    6. movable cultural monuments for which no permit or certificate has been issued
    7. Coins, banknotes, banknotes, traveler's checks, items of value to the sender, platinum, gold, silver, worked or unworked precious stones and other valuables are not allowed in postal items, except for items with a declared value. items
  1. The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY shall not be entitled to require from the CONTRACTOR the purchase and transportation of objects and substances mentioned in point 31.
  2. The CONTRACTOR refuses to accept shipments containing substances or materials prohibited for carriage listed in these GENERAL TERMS.
  3. The CONTRACTOR has the right to receive compensation from the ASSIGNOR for damages caused by his shipments, sent in violation of the GENERAL TERMS, to the CONTRACTOR or to the other shipments.

VII. Assisted return for repair or replacement

  1. The service is offered for goods that have a warranty only for the territory of Germany.
  2. The service includes representation of the ASSIGNOR before the TRADER or the manufacturer of the goods in connection with the satisfaction of a warranty claim against them (filling in the necessary documents and organizing the transport within Germany).
  3. The transport from Bulgaria to Germany and back is performed by the CONTRACTOR or his subcontractor. The costs are at the expense of the ASSIGNOR.
  4. The transport within Germany from and to the address of the CONTRACTOR is also at the expense of the ASSIGNOR.

VIII. Prices, method of payment and invoicing

  1. The prices, the conditions for their formation and the methods of payment can be found on the web page of the CONTRACTOR, section “Prices” -
  2. The terms of the refund for amounts overpaid by the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY are also available at 
  3. The issuance of invoices is mentioned in the same section of the website

IX. Dispute resolution procedure

  1. Disputes arising under the contract with the ASSIGNOR are resolved by mutual agreement, on the basis of good partnership cooperation through negotiations and additional agreements. In case of disagreement, each of the parties may request assistance from other competent authorities or refer the dispute to the competent Bulgarian court.

X. Additional agreements and provisions

  1. The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to change the GENERAL TERMS. The changes are published on the CONTRACTOR's website - and come into force not earlier than 30 (thirty) calendar days after their publication. In case of change of the GENERAL TERMS, the ASSIGNOR receives a message about it on his e-mail and in his personal profile on the website of the CONTRACTOR.   
  2. The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY understands and accepts that if it uses the services after the date on which the universal conditions or the additional conditions have been changed, the CONTRACTOR will consider the use for acceptance of the new GENERAL TERMS.
  3. The terms represent the full legal agreement between the ASSIGNOR and the CONTRACTOR, regulate the use of the services (except for services that may provide under a separate written agreement) and completely replace any previous agreements between the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY and the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY. . 
  4. The CONTRACTOR is not responsible for the content of the pages of the online stores selected by the User or the description of the items in them, as well as for any change in the prices of items by the online stores or the lack of availability of the ordered item.
  5. The CONTRACTOR is not responsible for non-fulfillment due to incorrect fulfillment of the submitted application by the online stores in terms of quantity, quality and type of ordered items.
  6. The CONTRACTOR will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the shipment according to the usual delivery times published in the current Tariff Guide on These deadlines are not guaranteed and their observance does not form part of the contract. The CONTRACTOR is not liable for damages, losses or lost profits caused by delay.
  7. Damage caused by delay does not include normal damage to the integrity of the consignment and its functionality, and can only include minor damage to its packaging that does not affect its contents.
  8. The CONTRACTOR shall not bear damages, losses and lost profits caused by expired expiration date of foodstuffs, food supplements, beverages and medicines.
  9. The CONTRACTOR shall not be liable for indirect or consequential losses that may be incurred by the ASSIGNOR as a result of incomplete performance of the service. This includes any lost profits (caused directly or indirectly), loss of clientele or professional reputation, losses or damages incurred by the ASSIGNOR as a result of his reliance on the completeness, accuracy or existence of any advertisement or as a result of a relationship or transaction between The ASSIGNOR and an advertiser or sponsor, whose advertisement is displayed in the materials of, etc. 
  10. The invalidity or unenforceability of any of the clauses of these GENERAL TERMS does not affect their other provisions and their validity.
  1. The Law on Postal Services and the Legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the concepts and events not agreed in these General Terms and Conditions.
  2. These GENERAL TERMS are the latest version and come into force on 25.05.2018 .