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Frequently Asked questions

  • I just register what address to distribute to receive my shipments in Germany?

Always use your address listed in your account by typing the exact ID specified therein and the name of our representative in Germany, for convenience, use COPY / PASTE.

  • I won the auction / bought from online store item, but dealer only accepts payment via wire transfer from a local bank in Germany How to make a payment?
  1. You must register your purchase in the "Create Assisted order" or inform us via email to purchase you have made.
  2. To transfer to our bank account (the reason for the payment type your ID from your registration on our website or through PayPal appropriate amount Translation + corresponding percentage for service in relation to the "Prices".
  3. To fill in the full details of the recipient of the transfer to Germany in that format in the already created "assisted order"
  4. After receiving the amount in our account till 48 hours will be make the transfer and you will receive a copy of the payment order attached to your "assited order."

We recommend for your convenience to enter all the information necessary for the translation in the "Create Assisted Order".

  • My shipment delayed more than expected. What is the reason?

Review the content of the gallery with photos of "Mislabeled orders". Shipments often arrive without ID number recorded by the sender (private seller / on-line store), and we can not identify the recipient. Parcel will be unpacked and the contents will be published in the section above for recognize by recipient of the parcel.

  • I recognize my parcel in pictures of items without a name and ID. How to get it?

It is necessary to send e-mail, with a link to the purchased item (for shipments EBay) or confirmation e-mail for custom made and shipped to our address (for orders on-line shop) and scanned PayPal / bank statement. Consignment that you recognize will be introduced to your ID number and you can receive your package at our office or send to you by courier

  • Can my representative to receive the parcel for me?

YES, can be obtained from another person after presenting your ID number, your name and shipment.

  • Can I use the service assisted shopping without using the transport service?

Assisted shopping service is only available to customers using the transportation service, and is an integral part of it.