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Fixed prices for transport of specific shipments


Product Price
Car Bumper 50,00 BGN
Tyre (Without RIM) 15; 16; 17; 18; 19 Inch 15,00; 16,00; 17,00; 18,00; 19,00 BGN
Trunk/ Car Suitcase - Big 100,00 BGN
Trunk/ Car Suitcase - Small 70,00 BGN
Engine 150,00 - 250,00 BGN
Transmision Small 80,00 BGN
Transmision Big/Automatic 100,00 BGN
Car Door (unpacked) 60,00 BGN
Car Hood (unpacked) 60,00 BGN
Car Fender (unpacked) 40,00 BGN
Small child Bike (unpacked) 40,00 BGN
Big Bike (unpacked) 60,00 BGN
Stove, Washing machine, dryer, Small frdige 150,00 BGN
Big Fridge till 180см 200,00 BGN
SKI/Snowboard (unpacked) 30,00 BGN


All prices include VAT.

Conditions for price calculation

  1. Combining of the items in one is NOT possible
  2. All packages are weighed at receiving in Germany
  3. The maximum size and weight of parcel are packages with max dimension of  (190cm Height, 80cm Width,120cm Length) and weight to 50kg, for oversized items with one of listed measurements above, it is necessary prior consultation with representative of
  4. All shipments travel to destination Bulgaria in packaged form, if they arrive in unpackaged form they are repackaged at the expense of the recipient according to the price list of