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Courier services in Bulgaria

Courier services in Bulgaria at preferential prices for our customers

Take your attention that unlike the costs of transport from Germany courier service in Bulgaria is calculated in volume kilograms as follows:

Length in cm x Width in cm x Height in cm  / 6000 = Volumetric kg. of the shipment.

Delivery time till 24 hours.


Packets express 24h.

till 1 kg.

4.20 BGN

from 1 kg. to 2 kg.

4.48 BGN

from 2 kg. to 5 kg.

5.05 BGN

from 5 kg. to 10 kg.

8.41 BGN

For every next started Kilo

0.45 BGN

All prices are for one shipment weight and volume and include VAT

In cases where the actual weight exceeds the volume weight, the actual weight is taken in charge.

The choice of the type of delivery services in Bulgaria is entirely customer, we continue to offer delivery courier services with ECONT and Speedy.